born to eat, forced to diet.


Is when I come across people of my age or younger, barely north of 20 years of age, who are construction workers in my country. Being born at the short end of the stick and shipped into menial tasks, and the sacrifices they make for their families at the expense of themselves. To be stigmatized and quarantined away from the rest of society. To fear their employers, too afraid to seek medical help for they might get sent home.

Thinking of them today.

Saturday morning

And yet another week is about to bite the dust. Rinse and repeat.

And boy, I could really do with some egg tarts right now.

(And I cry a little inside because I know I can’t. Why oh why do I like to make things difficult for myself and deprive myself of simple joys wtf)

star wars on earth. i would trade a lot of things to be there to see this!

“you make a living out of what you get,
but you make a life by what you give.”

– winston churchill

an odyssey of mixed emotions

that was how the past month has been.

shit happens. but then again, i have to remind myself that good things happen too.

look up, lift up.


what are the odds that my firm gets 3 waf nominations this year? more than any other firm in the country?

super duper.

(heheheh and i worked on the presentation for two of them *beams)